Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Who said you had to have a man to have fun on Valentine's Day? Wasn't us! Every year we throw a huge Galentine's party with all of us Rev Dolls, and it's the funnest party of the year. Even if you do have Valentine's Day plans, getting your girls together for a Gal Pal night is always a great idea, especially when you have a fun theme to go by. So, we've listed our secrets to throwing the ultimate Gal Pal Party! We can't hog all the fun.

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party


It's as simple as that. You can't talk about them if they are there.

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party


Is it even a Gal Pal Party if you don't have pink EVERYTHING? This picture does no justice to the amount of tulle and ribbon we had everywhere!

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Rule #3: FOOD!

Make it, buy it, whatever. Just have it, and have a lot of it. Calories don't count tonight! Pinterest is our BFF for the cutest themed recipes. 

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Rule #4: BOYZ!

Okay so we know we said no boys allowed, but it's Harry Styles. Find these celeb cut outs at!

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Rule #5: PRESENTS!

We love this part of our party. We each write down our favorite candy, snack, drink, magazine, nail polish color, flower, etc. on a piece of paper. Then we draw names about a week before and each get one person a little happy of some of their favorite things!

Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Rules 5&6: Games and Wine!

...or beer, whichever you prefer. Ever played Cards Against Humanity? It's a little wild, but this is why the calories don't count tonight. You burn all of them from laughing!

 Throw The Ultimate Girl Gang Party

Rule #7: A Kick-A Playlist

No we don't aren't talking about Justin Bieber or One Direction. This is girls night and you need the best girl power music! Dance around the living room to some new and old jams from the best girl gang groups and singers!


Don't even act like this doesn't sound like the perfect date night. Everyone will feel the love this Valentine's Day. Now call up your Squad and get this party started!


Lindsey McNair

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