Style Revel Talks The Oscars

If you watched the Oscars the other night, you know exactly what we are talking about when we say some of them SLAYED, and some if them.... did not. I mean it happens every year, but we always end up jaw-dropped, either in a good way or a bad. Here are our most jaw-dropped moments from the 2016 Oscar and Vanity Fair after party wardrobes:

The YAS's

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: YAS!

All sequin everything is supposed to be really big this spring so this just got us that much more excited about this season! I mean there have to be disco balls at every party and these ladies didn't let anything dull them down. 100%.

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: YAS!

All black is LIFE. You can never go wrong with the elegant all black look. So slimming and classy. We say keep it up babes!

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: YAS!

Oooo hot mommas!!! Red is such a powerful color. These women had every eye in the room on them, no doubt! And let's talk about Chrissy Teigen glowing with that baby bump... danggg little momma!

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: YAS!

Sometimes it is just best to keep it simple. Classy will never go out of style. There are no distractions from these gorgeous faces and perfect figures. Going with a solid color with pleats, velvet, or a little shimmer will always look stunning. Loving all of these neck lines and attenuate waists.

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: YAS!

WHEW! Look at those studs. So guys totally have it so easy, but can you imagine if they didn't... that would be scary. We love how some of them mixed up the normal tux and incorporated velvet, silk, and red. Looking FINE fellas.


No Mam's!

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: NO!

Okay we may have said you can never go wrong with all black.... but we clearly lied. This is how you DO NOT do black. Just keep it simple ladies PLEASE. Rubber? No. Pilgram? No. Whatever you want to call Amy Poehler's? No!

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: NO!

Not too sure if they thought this was a Disney princess themed Oscar or your worst prom dress throwback. But it just doesn't need to happen again. Such beautiful and awesome ladies, but come on... fire your stylist.

Style Revel Talks The Oscars: NO!

Yes, you are all bad-A women and we pretty much worship your every move. But there is a limit to everything, and you guys have crossed it here. TOO MUCH.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know. These celebs keep us guessing that's for sure. Can't wait to see what next year's jaw-dropping moments have in store!




Lindsey McNair

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