The Brands that GIVE Back!

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane

Did you know Style Revel carries brands that give back? We love the fact that our customers are able to get something for themselves while they are serving a larger community at the same time. In life we have to remember how much we actually have and how blessed we truly are. There are so many people in the world that we could not possibly imagine living a day in their shoes. It may seem like the simplest task to you, but it can make a HUGE difference to them. Any and every little thing you do for someone, even if it is just a smile or a nice gesture, adds a little sunshine and confetti in their life.

These are the give back brands we currently carry!


Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: Bridgewater Candle Company

The Bridgewater Candle Company has been SO successful in feeding orphan children overseas, and we are so thrilled that Style Revel has been a part of this since we have opened. Every jar candle that is sold feeds an orphan child for one entire day. These candles smell AMAZING and last a really long time.

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: Bridgewater Candle Company

These are a few of their most popular scents. Their number one seller, Sweet Grace, is also our number one seller. Spring Dress is also a really popular scent during the Spring and Summer, and my personal favorite. They also do different collections during holidays, and other events. Their newest one, Let's Celebrate, is in honor of the company reaching 5 MILLION MEALS to children!!! The scent is just as awesome as their goal they reached!

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: Bridgewater Candle Company

These are the different Bridgewater Candle items we sell. The votive candles, car fresheners, and sachets also go towards feeding the orphans.

Large Jar Candle: $22

Small Jar Candle: $14

Votive Candle: $2

Car Freshener: $5

Sachet: $2.50

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: Bridgewater Candle Company


Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: ROMA Boots

ROMA Boots is a rain boot company that gives a pair of rain boots to homeless children and orphans for every pair sold. You may be familiar with the Toms shoes, these work the exact same way. These boots are extremely comfortable and great for all weather conditions.

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: ROMA Boots

There are SOO many different styles to choose from. We just started carrying the Sadie Robertson line, and it is ADORABLE!!! I love the pastel pink ones.

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: ROMA Boots

These are some more options to choice from. My favorite pair are the combat boot style. I would wear them for so much more than just a rainy day... music festivals, hiking and camping, to class, you name it... they're awesome!
Regular Tall Color: $75
Sadie Tall Color/Print: $98
Matte Black Tall: $88
Tall Lace Up: $92
Mid Lace Up: $90
Combat: $94

Style Revel's Brands that Give Back: ROMA Boots


The Giving Keys Company has become a really big thing this year. We sell so many of them, it is hard for us to keep a full run in stores. There is an inspirational word on each of them, such as: Hope, Strength, Create, Believe, Dream, etc. The concept of them is to spread the message on the key to someone you think deserves it or needs the inspiration. The giving back part is through their employers. They hire homeless individuals to help them get off the streets and get on their feet. This is a great company that spreads so much love all over.

Style Revel's Giving Back Brands: The Giving Keys

Style Revel's Give Back Brands: The Giving Keys
These are the different styles we carry at Style Revel. Our best sellers are the XL pendant necklaces. I love the bracelets the most because I know I could wear it with anything and never take it off *until I decided to give it away to someone, of course!* Help spread the love to those you love, and the homeless individuals in need of a job. The more that are sold, the more they can employee!
Never Ending Neckace: $45
XL Pendant: $
Never Ending Bracelet: $40

Help us give back to these awesome companies! We promise you won't be disappointed in your product, or the joy you feel after doing a good deed.  Let us know if there are any other amazing giving brands we need to carry at Style Revel!






Lindsey McNair

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