The A++ Wardrobe

If we were taking a class in stretching your wardrobe further, this collection would definitely get an A plus!  Seriously guys, out of this little collection of 16, you can get 34 looks.  That's over a whole months worth of items!  I know it seems to good to be true, but it's totally not.  Read on.

First let's introduce 16 items:



 And here's all the ways you can wear them!

The maroon crop top is completely adorable with all the outer pieces in the collection.  We love the one pair of sneakers with each option too!

Next, we take one of our favorites, the slouchy sweater and do tons with it.  Let the crop top peak out the top or do one of our favorite tricks, put the button down underneath and let it peek out.


Wanna look instantly cool? Tie something around your waist.  

Ok this little skirt is the cutest but it's also totally versatile.   It will be SO CUTE later with tights too.

Want extra credit?  Wear a shorter dress under a skirt.  No one will know that it's not a top, plus your shirt won't come untucked.  

There is one more outfit option here that we didn't even include: Wear the plaid shirt buttoned up and tuck it into the suede skirt.  MIND BLOWN.

T shirt dresses, sneakers and plaid shirts are what great fall wardrobes are made of.  

Inspired to start your fall wardrobe and shop the collection? If you aren't you should be-- SO MANY OPTIONS.  We think this collection is at the top of it's class.  What do you think? Let us know in the comments or get to shopping!  Link to this collection is on our homepage!


Party on,
Letty Stricklin

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