Freshwater Pearl Jewelry: Meet the Maker

We LOVE our DIY clients that make the awesome hand-made merchandise we sell! One of our favorite lines we carry is the Freshwater Pearl Jewelry that are so popular right now. If you don't have one yet, they're a must for every girl's wardrobe. There are so many different kinds and ways to wear them. They literally go with EVERYTHING! We would like you guys to meet the maker of these awesome necklaces and bracelets. Everyone meet the lovely...


Maker of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

We did a little interview with Rebecca to get to know some fun facts about her!

  • First, tell us a little about your products and how you make them.
"I design necklaces, bracelets and earrings using freshwater pearls, druzys, agates and geodes. I love to mix them with unique leather, chains, connectors, etc. to create one of a kind pieces!"
  • How long have you been making your jewelry line?
"I started my jewelry line in May of 2014."
  • What inspired you to start this business?
"It all began from my love of jewelry and wanting to find a way to express myself and style to others!"
  • What do you love most about what you do?
"I love everything about this! From finding and creating unique pieces, to meeting store owners and sharing ideas and looks with them, to then seeing customers wear my styles and love them as much as I do!"
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!
"I grew up in Gulfport, MS and love the laid back ease of style on the Coast! I majored in Fashion Merchandising at MSU and I've always had a passion for fashion! My daughter is now at MSU and I love creating jewelry with her!"
  • Describe your personal style.
"I would say my style is classic with a twist!"

Your Fav:

  • Fashion Icon?

"Love Rachael Zoe's style!"
  • Color?

  • TV Show/Series?

"Real Housewives (should I admit that?)"
  • Starkville Restaurant?

"Stagger In"

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

This is Rebecca's most popular style! The classic long length of these are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit! (Prices: $34,$40)

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces and bracelets

We love the simple, shorter style of these necklaces! Would look great paired with this bracelet that is just the opposite with the twisted all around pearls! (Prices: $34,$20,$44)

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

This is Rebecca's newest creation we just started carrying, and we are OBSESSED. They give a unique edge with the braided leather bands, and waterfall of pearls! (Prices: $46)

Maroon Freshwater Necklaces and Bracelets

Of course she had to make maroon ones for all you Bulldog fans out there! Come grab yours and hit the junction! (Prices: $32,$22)

 We love when Rebecca comes to visit us! She is always in the best and most cheerful mood, and always has new creative options for us to choose from! We hope you enjoyed getting to know her as much as we did. Isn't her jewelry line awesome? Come shop with us at Style Revel to get your new Freshwater Pearl items!

Have any great design ideas for Rebecca? Leave a comment and we'll get the word back to her!

Until next time, toodles!

♥ Lin
Lindsey McNair

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