Fall In Love: 31 Unique Date Night Ideas To Try This Fall

Date Night Ideas for Fall

There's just something about the crisp cool air of fall that brings about love. Fall is the perfect opportunity for you and your S/O to go on an abundance of cheap to almost free dates, hence falling even more in love. So we came up with a 31 unique fall date night ideas list to help you and your man figure out what to do! (Or you can just send this link to your BF with a hint hint, winky face).

31 Unique Fall Date Night Ideas

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch & carve pumpkins
  2. Build a bonfire & make s’mores
  3. Go on a hike 
  4. Go to the county fair {personal favorite}
  5. Visit a haunted house
  6. Go ice skating {personal favorite}
  7. Make caramel & candied apples – then break your teeth eating them, lol.
  8. Turn the bed of a truck into a blanket pallet & star gaze (and snuggle, duh)
  9. Go kayaking
  10. Have a scary movie marathon (& if you don’t like the legit scary ones, check out Now Watching: A Complete Halloween Guide for People That Hate Scary Movies)
  11. Walk a dog through a path (borrow someone’s dog if you don’t have your own)
  12. Pick apples
  13. Bake pies
  14. Have a Netflix marathon (check out Now Watching: A Complete Netflix Lineup For Your Lazy Sunday)
  15. Dress up as a couple and go trick-or-treating
  16. Wake up early one morning and go yardsale-ing and/or thrifting
  17. Build a blanket fort & tell ghost stories
  18. Go to a local fall festival & play all of the games
  19. Make it through a corn maze together
  20. Try out a local coffee shop (check out National Coffee Day: An Inside Look At One Of Starkville's Favorite Coffee Shops)
  21. Go play laser tag & go the arcade {personal favorite}
  22. Go to an outdoor/drive-in movie
  23. Have a fall picnic - with the pies and apples you’ve already made
  24. Rake a big pile of leaves and then play in them
  25. Go to a local farmers’ market
  26. Attend a local or university football game
  27. Throw a Halloween party together & invite all of your friends
  28. Make a mini Thanksgiving meal together
  29. Check out a local band
  30. Travel to & explore a city neither of you have been to before (even some random small town in the sticks)
  31.  Go ENOing

Now grab your main squeeze, and go try out some or all of these this Fall!

Have a unique Fall date not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

Fall in Love & Happy Readings.



Taylor Howell

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