Revelers Revealed: Lindsey Mcnair

It's time for our favorite post of the month - Revelers Revealed! At Style Revel, we want to do our best to be personable and get to know our customers, and we want you to feel the same about us! Revelers Revealed gives YOU the opportunity to  get to know the familiar, and maybe not so familiar, faces of the Style Revel team.

If you come by the store often, you've probably been lucky enough to experience the true kindness and fun atmosphere this girl brings to Style Revel. She is the absolute best at thinking on her feet and pulling the best outfit that's tailored just for your personal style.  She also maintains the Style Revel Starkville Instagram by posting daily looks, new employees and the fun stuff we all love to see. Lindsey always makes customers feel comfortable and welcome, and that's why we love having her on our Style Revel team so much.

Lindsey also recently started working with the headquarters girls as our Partnership Director - handling our Party Crasher team and bloggers. She also contributes monthly to the blog by handling our Drink & Dress, Celeb Style Crush, and any other blog posts we might need her to do that month. 

Doesn't she sound awesome? It's because she is! Get to know Lindsey more by scrolling to check out the images from our shoot and her answers to the Revelers Revealed interview. 

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair


Lipstick color: velvet teddy mac, Revlon champagne on ice

Nail polish color: Lucky Lucky Lavender and Black Onyx OPI

Song: I can’t do song. I’m a big music person, there’s no way for me to know that.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey McNair

Band: Fleetwood Mac

Guitarist: Jimmy Hendricks

Food: Can we make a list?

  • Pizza
  • Wings
  • Fried rice
  • Sushi
  • French fries
  • Hush puppies
  • Gyros
  • Crab Cakes

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

Actor/Actress: Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston

TV Show: Not a big TV watcher – but watching Scandal right now

Dessert: Cheesecake

Flower: Sunflower

Season: Fall

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

Hobby: Drawing and Painting

Style Revel Brand: Amuse Society

Favorite Place to Shop: Thrift Store

Quote: “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about” – Marilyn Monroe”

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair


Describe your personal style: I feel like it changes a lot. I can be simple and classic, but I can also be edge with a boho vibe mix to it.

Describe something that motivates you: Style Revel motivates me, and art.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

Describe something you do when you’re down to cheer yourself up: Zaxby’s nibblerz meal & a bottle of wine.

Describe your go-to outfit: I’d say like a graphic tee with some cut offs and converse.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair


Who is your fashion icon? Right now, Vanessa Hudgens.

What era do you wish you could live in? 50s / 60s

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I have never been out of the United States how am I supposed to know. I would say probably live in every country for a year and then decide, but I’m thinking Italy.

What do you like most about yourself? I feel like I’m really outgoing. I don’t say no to a lot of things which can be a negative.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair


You need to throw on a power color, you pick? Black

You’re stranded on a desert island, you bring (3)? Okay that’s hard. I bring a friend, a grill – no I can make a fire. Since I have a friend I need to have clothes on my body so like a bathing suit. Okay so something for survival. Unlimited supply of matches for fire.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

You need a relaxing drink, you pick? Wine. Unless I need something stronger, then a dirty martini.

It’s Friday night, your plans are? The district. Or…. Go out to eat with Boo, Netflix and chill.

You wake up in an alternate universe, where are you? Alice’s Wonderland but what about Harry Potter, idk. Idk.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

Someone needs to buy you a “happy,” it should be? Wine. Food. Maybe put wine and chocolate. I like chocolate. Chocolate needs to be on there somewhere.

Life Motto: I meannnn. On Instagram my bio says You can go your own way. It’s a Fleetwood Mac song.

Style Revel Starkville - Lindsey Mcnair

And there she is! Have a favorite thing about Lindsey not mentioned, let us know in the comments!

Revelers Revealed and Happy Readings.



Taylor Howell


Taylor Howell

Lindsey is a lovely young woman and your clothes look very appealing on her

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