OOTD: 11 Ways to Style One of The Hottest Trends This Season - The Suede Button Down Mini Skirt

Love the suede button down mini and seventies vibes seen this season, but not sure of any of ways to style it? No worries, the good thing about the trending style is that is can be paired with so much! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite ways to style one of this season's biggest trends: the suede mini skirt. 

1. With a Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a go to for adding that rocker flare to any outfit, and pairing it with a suede mini does just that! By pairing a suede mini with a graphic tee, you hit a few decades all at once, making your look much more interesting, dynamic, and compliment worthy. 

Fall Layers - Graphic Tee & Suede Button Down Mini Skirt

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Graphic Tee

2. With a Simple Long Sleeve 

We love this retro seventies look. Throw on a simple white long sleeve shirt or turtleneck, your suede mini, knee high socks, and boots and you've just time traveled back to the seventies. 

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Boots

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Boots

3.With a Fur Vest

Take your previous outfit and try throwing a vest on top. Vests are perfect for when you need that extra warmth or just want to add a little something extra to your outfit. 

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Fur Vest

4. With a Chunky Cropped Turtleneck Sweater

I live in oversized sweaters and turtlenecks once the weather gets cold and adding those details to your suede mini are the perfect compliment. 

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Chunky Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

Fall Fashion - Suede Mini & Chunky Oversized Sweater

5. With a Printed Top

We use any and every excuse at Style Revel to wear cheetah print, and the suede mini is the perfect excuse! Adding a print to your skirt is definitely a fun, unexpected, and stylish take on the suede mini! Check out another way to style our cheetah top here.

Fall Fashion - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt & Cheetah Print Top

6. With a tucked in shirt.

You can even try tucking it in or leaving it out for extra versatility. With this option, people won't be able to keep their eyes off you.

Fall Fashion - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt & Cheetah Print Top

7. With a Pop of Color 

Even though we love Fall colors, we still want to have an extra pop of color in our wardrobes every now and then. Try pairing your brown suede mini with it's compliment, blue! The pop of blue completely transforms the entire piece all together. 

Fall Layers - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt & Lucky Brand Tank

8. Add a Flannel Layer

It's as easy as it looks to throw a flannel on over a tank and pair it with your suede mini. This outfit is perfect for those confusing southern days where you're not sure what to wear because in the morning it's supposed to be 48 degrees and at noon it's going to be 74. By using layers, you can stay both comfortable and stylish all day long. 

Fall Layers - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt, Lucky Brand Tank, & Flannel

9. Wrap it Around Your Waist

This is where the flannel comes in handy. When it gets to that hotter part of the day, simply wrap your flannel around your suede mini for the super cute, and effortless, look seen below. 

Fall Layers - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt, Lucky Brand Tank, & Flannel

10. With A button down knotted up.

Isn't it crazy how versatile one flannel can be? Try pairing your favorite flannel or button down with your suede mini for a unique fall look! Also check out other ways to style your flannel on OOTD: 5 Ways to Wear Flannels & Maroon.

Fall Layers - Suede Button Down Mini and Flannel

11. Paired with the same tones.

I am a sucker for one tone outfits. All greys, all blacks, pairing pinks with reds, and this look below. Find a top that matches the tone of your suede mini and there you go. Minimal, chic, and easy. 

Fall Layers - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt & Stripes

Fall Layers - Suede Buttondown Mini Skirt & Stripes

As you can tell we love the suede mini and we hope you try some of the outfits shown above! And if you haven't yet check out our new collection Army Tones, which features the skirt seen in all images above, or click the images below to see the products featured in this post that are available on our website.


Suede for days and Happy Readings.



Taylor Howell

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