Dressing for that Day Date

Do you ever struggle with what to wear on a day date? I mean..you want to look cute right?..this is def not the time for leggings, tee, and sneaks (ugh)! Now if you are a girl that can rock the over the knee boot and dress complete with lashes and curls for lunch..by all means..do it. But, if you're like me...that aint happenin! I'm all about looking pulled together and it not taking me 3 hours and 2 curling iron burns to accomplish it.  



Day Date: The Downtown

This look is perfect for the coffee shop date that leads to strolling around downtown on a pretty, sunny day! Flats keep it comfy for walking and the hat gives that extra bit of polish and is perfect for keeping your hair from going wild windy streets! 


Day Date: The Sporting Event

Whether you are attending a MSU baseball game or watching his nephew play little league..this is a perfect outfit for the stands! Keep it simple with some canvas sneakers and cute shades! 


Day Date: The Picnic

It's only appropriate for this floral dream to be worn in a field on a blanket with a packed lunch for you and you're fella! 


Day Date: Antique Shopping 

This date may seem strange but you'll learn a lot about each other when you are shopping through the buried treasures! Just think Chip and Joanna cuteness! I just love the color in this romper and the cluttered floral print! 


All looks are shop-able by just clicking on the photo of your loved outfit! 



Sara Miller

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