Best Foodie Shops in Starkville, MS

I've strolled these Starkville streets for nearly 6 years as a student turned resident. Before that I called Columbus my home for nearly 10 years. (Don't mind my age *crying laughing emoji*) *this blog thing really needs emjois* Those were the years of Starkville being a treat to visit because....well..the cool college kids were there. Now, Starkville is hitting my radar for totally different reasons. This place is starting to look like a super trendy town! Might I say a bit like a mini-Austin or Nashville! least Austin/Nashville INSPIRED. This might be a stretch for any of our Austin and Nashville natives, but hear me out!

My main love of those larger cities is the variety of food choices and food niches. <anyone else obsessed with food?!> You know what I'm talking about... the ice cream shops that sell flavors like lavender and bacon..

Well, recently Starkville has up'd their eatery game. No, we don't have lavender or goat cheese beet ice cream...which if FINE! I don't know if my little small town heart could handle it just yet! However, we are covering other fun treats that will be sure to peak your interest!


The Pop Porium, A gourmet popcorn and treat shop is sure to give you a surprise when you see what Rosa can do with popcorn! Our pick? Caramel Macchiato! It's was divine!! Complete with the retro glass coke bottles to really take you back in time!  





Frios, A gourmet popsicle shop. Who doesn't love a cold popsicle on a hot and humid Mississippi summer day?! Let's take it up a notch and throw a spin on the flavors! We loved the peach and also the salted caramel is heaven come to earth! There was one flavor I might have to work up to trying...Avocado and Lime! <Cinco De Mayo maybe??> 






 Other Amazing Foodie Stops in Starkville:


The Beer Garden, Craft and Local Draft Beers. A part of Hotel Chester, the Beer Garden gives you great food, great hospitality, and of course...lots of beer. Many from local brewers! 

The Biscuit Shop, go there. trust me. be changed 4 lyfe. Michelle and her team have created a biscuit culture here in Starkville that I believe is here to stay...for..maybe forever. She even lured Tim Tebow into her kitchen with the smell of those delicious baked goodies! 

Insomnia Cookies, Late night cookie and sweets shop. The main thing you need to know...they deliver cookies, milk, ice cream.....all the things!! until 3 am!! WHAT?! yep. Sorry..but here comes that freshman 15..get ready. <who cares?! that's royal treatment!> Needing a pick me up or a reward for studying into the wee hours? Insomnia Cookies is here to celebrate you and all your hard working, trying not to cry from sleep deprivation, self. 

Margie's Mixing Bowl, Gourmet Cupcakes and Cakes. Besides dishing out some beautiful pinterest worthy works of cupcake art, Margie makes these gorgeous things taste good!! With flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Key Lime, and even Cotton Candy, you can be sure that you'll find a flavor to love! 


Well lovies, grab a gal pal and treat yo self to one of these adorable foodie treasures! Make sure to snap a picture while you're there and use the hashtag #starkvillefoodie ! ;)

Have a wonderful week! 




Sara Miller

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