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UPDATE AS OF 8/6/16:

The info has been released and has now officially acknowledged the new clear bag policy.  See it here.

Football season is quickly approaching and we are pumped to say the least.  We just heard about a new policy that is being enforced in Davis Wade Stadium this year that we wanted all our girls to know about!   Our stadium is going to a similar bag policy as you would see at an NFL game.  In fact, all SEC schools will have taken on this policy as of Fall 2017.  Mississippi State is one of the schools that is electing to start it this year.

The only bags or purses that will be admitted into the stadium this year are:

  • small "clutch purses no larger than 4.5" by 6.5"  This is about the size of your average wallet
  • One gallon clear freezer bag such as a ziploc
  • Clear, plastic or vinyl bags no larger than 12" by 12" by 6"  These bags cannot be tinted, or patterned in any way.  They must be completely clear. 

We heard about this through the grapevine a few weeks back and weren't sure whether to believe it or not. In fact, the Hail State Football site still has the 2015 Game Day Fan Guide up which lists the OLD policy.  We got our info from this article that was CONFIRMED by Mississippi State via Twitter a few weeks back.

Now, what to do about this new policy?  We all know we have to take more than our wallet (cell phone, lipstick, keys, HELLO)! On top of that, I mean, who wants to carry around a freezer bag? Number one, we would lose it. Number two, it's just tacky.   STYLE REVEL TO THE RESCUE! We ordered some plain, clear cross body and shoulder bags for you to take with you to the games.

This one is great for a more stylish option! It's $29 so it won't break the bank and you may actually wear it other places! We love a comfy cross body! Throw it on and go.


This one is a cross body also but is a slightly lower price point at just $16!

And our last option is a slightly bigger bag (still within the size requirements) for girls who need to take in a little more- pom pom, rain jacket, blanket for colder games!

These are available in store, on social shop via Instagram or on our website ( just click the photos to shop the bag)!

Hail State!


Letty Stricklin

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