Spring 2017 Trend Report

"Spring is nature's way of saying LET'S PARTY!" - Robin Williams

The count down is on and we can hardly wait much longer! We have SO many awesome trends to look forward to, and we have already started ordering some! We have put together a top 10 list of trends we are excited about seeing this upcoming season. Check them out and be sure to comment if there are any you would like to see at Style Revel!

Style Revel 2017 Spring Trend Report

Every season Pantone puts together a color pallet of the hottest colors coming up. Clearly this Spring will NOT be a shy one. We are loving all the bold tropical colors mixed with the duller hues.

1. Think Greenery

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

It's safe to say this color took everyone by a surprise. We all said "Greenery....really?" But it's starting to grow on us, and we think it will on you too. We think it'll be the perfect accent color for bags, shoes, and accessories to make your outfit pop!

2. Stripes on Stripes on STRIPES

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

This trend never gets old. Stripes are such a subtle way to add a little fun to your wardrobe. Seaside and Banker stripes are going to be seen the most. We love the beachy style these give!

3. Frayed Denim Frenzy

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

We have all fallen in LOVE with this trend as it is emerged this Fall/Winter season, and we are stoked it is going to continue into the Spring/Summer. & we think it is going to be even biggerrr than it has been! Jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, you name it. If it's denim.. it's frayed!

4. Graphic Tee Time

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

Throw that hair in a bun and throw on that graphic tee girl, cause this trend isn't going anywhere! YAYY! It's the perfect college girl style for those times you don't feel like a trying but still want to look cute.

*And we just might have a new line hitting the floor soon ;)*

5. Work that White Out

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

All white everyyythang this Spring season! White is always such a big hit, but white on white on white?? YES PLEASE!

6. Bahama Mamma 

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

It's not Spring time without LOTS of floral... but what if we said there was a tropical twist on it this year?! We aren't mad about it. Que the sunshine and Pina Coladas!

7. Embroider Everywhere

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

Add a little fun to your basic nautrals and denim with some embroidery patterns! We're starting to see this trend more and more on jeans, bathing suits, skirts... kind of everywhere just like the fraying!

8. Patch That

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

Similar to the embroidery but EVEN BETTER! The best part about the patch trend is you can DIY and make it fit your style perfectly. So easy and so cool. I mean look how fly Gigi is looking!

9. Bellsleeve Boho Babe

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

Bellsleeves have been around for so long but haven't been seen in the stores as much the past couple of years. Plot twist: now they'll be everywhere! Such a cute boho look to add a little something extra to your outfit!

10. Swear I'm Sporty

Style Revel Spring 2017 Trend Report

Here's another look that is carrying over from this Fall/Winter. The athleiser look is for the on-the-go-girls that have to juggle school, work, and a social life all in one day. Oh and hey again Gigi!


Like what you see?? So do we! Don't forget to comment below or come write on our chalk wall in store to tell us what trends you would like to see at Style Revel!

Xoxo, Lindsey

Lindsey McNair

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