Style Revel: Splurge vs. Save

We all thrive for the newest clothes, accessories, and shoes! Have you ever been shopping for a simple outfit, but didn't want to spend a lot of money for it? Plus, we all know of those retailers that over price clothing as well! Well look no further, because Style Revel is here to help, and solve all of your fashion crisis for you by saving a few bucks!

So, let's check-out a few celebrity styles and trends that are right here in Style Revel!

1. Bomber Jacket Trend


The bomber jacket trend is in full effect right now across the globe! Gigi Hadid, is wearing a similar outfit to ours. From the sunglasses to the leather leggings, they're literally twinning! Below, is the prices for Style Revel's merchandise:

Sunglasses: $10.00

Choker (15): $15.00

Bomber Jacket (Bomber Babe Mocha): $48.00

Top (Tiny Tee): $15.00

Leather Leggings: $22.00

2. Over-sized Denim Jacket Trend


This trend is simply a classic, and it can be worn any type of way. The over-sized denim jacket trend is perfect for any season! Here, at Style Revel we have exactly what you need plus more:

Denim Jacket (Button Down Top Light Wash): $42.00

Necklace (Giving Keys- Never Ending): $45.00

Dress (V-Neck Short Sleeve w/ Pockets): $31.90

Purse (Day To Day Tote): $40.80

Boots (Skin tight Thigh-high): $39.50

3. Vertical Striped-Top Trend


The vertical striped-top trend is just a good way to add a pattern to your look! One of our favorites, Taylor Swift, is caught wearing the trend so lovely! We decided to recreate this look by adding a little detail to the skirt, below are Style Revel's prices:

Top (Tied Together w/ Class Striped Top): $33.50

Necklace (Shimmer Night): $15.00

Skirt (Babe Alert Suede) : $49.50

Boots (Skin tight Thigh-high): $39.50

4. Olive Green Pants Trend 

 A color that will never go out of style is, Olive. Then, its perfect for the Fall season ladies! So, here at Style Revel we have the Olive pants, and we noticed that many fashion bloggers have been wearing this color as well! Below, are the prices of Style Revel's Olive pants, and more:

Top (Mineral Wash Waffle Hi-Low Soft Sweater): $33.50

Necklace (Shimmer Night): $15.00

Bottoms (Faux Sueded Skinny Leg): $34.00

5. Comfy Over-sized- Sweater Trend

Here, we have the comfy over-sized sweater trend! This sweater, can be dressed up or down, depending on your style! To add, Kendall Jenner decided to let her sweater make a color statement! Below, are Style Revel's prices for a over-sized sweater and more:

Sunglasses: $10.00

Top (I Like To Mauve It): $49.00

Jeans (Got It From My Momma - Light Denim): $63.00


*( ) name of merchandise at Style Revel




Brianna Williams

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