Woman Crush Wednesday

We all know a few amazing women that we crush on daily! Usually if we're crushing on them its most likely because of their hair, makeup, style, music, and so much more! So, who's your "Woman Crush Wednesday"?

Its totally fine to have more than one, I actually have ten! Check them out below to see my favorites, and why! 


I mean, she gives us every reason to love her!


2. Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as "Carrie Bradshaw," isn't she the only reason why we may binge watch Sex in the City? 


3. Jennifer Aniston, one of my favorite people to watch on the show Friends.

From her amazing body to her cheek bones, this lady just will never age.


4.  Beyonce, the lady legend who sets the standards, and who isn't afraid of anything or anyone.

Plus, her music... I mean should I just stop right there? #QueenBEY


5. Selena Gomez, our sweet face angel.

We just gotta love her, I mean why wouldn't we?


 6. Ariana Grande, this sweet little angel who blossomed into a beautiful pop star.

Can we just take a second, and applaud this girl for her amazing vocals?


7. Nicki Minaj, this girl has a crazy personality and style.

I mean, we need someone to turn things up to the next level, and Nicki is just our girl for the job!


8. Mila Kunis, better known as Jackie, from That 70's Show.

Personally, she's my favorite because she's always saying the obvious.


9. Taylor Swift, don't we just love this cute blonde bob on her?

She shows us how to keep things classy ladies, right?


10. Adele... I can sit for hours listening to her voice and staring at her flawless makeup.

Can we say, slay?


So, there you have it ladies... our top ten Woman Crush Wednesday's.

Now let's keep slaying like each and every one of these women do on a daily basis!




Brianna Williams

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